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Personal favorites

These are the ones I love most.
Telling a small human story, that

connects you emotionally to the product in a way you can't forget.

Or just makes you laugh till your beverage finds a way out your nose.

Fanta - Brazil

Ameritech - Waffle Iron

Staples - Intern

Little Caesars - Magic Fingers

Outdoor and Print:
Rebranding for Sauza Conmemorativo, a smoother Tequila than its competitors, in a campaign that focuses on the harshness of life.

Print and Outdoor posters:

Pepi Winery
How do you capture the spirit of a wine? For Pepi, an award-winning California vineyard, the answer was a combination of fashion and fun - as spontaneous as Chardonnay on a moonlit beach.

Online Content:
F*ck You Broccoli - Poison Pen letters to vile vegetables, in all their forms. Featured on Metafilter, Reddit, and the Los Angeles Times and Village Voice food blogs (among other places). You can find them here.


Language may be NSFW. Not recommended for young children or vegans.

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