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Little Caesars

When your demographic is "people with teeth," each promotion pretty much flies on its own special strategy

Cloning - also known as the inspiration for The Norma Gene

Sports Celebs ... When this bargain-basement campaign featuring C-list '70's celebrities aired, it singlehandedly (triplehandedly?) brought down Pizza Hut's multimillion-dollar Stuffed Crust celebrity juggernaut.

Merv... Based on a true story

MervLittle Caesars
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Surprise-o-Phobia ...thirty seconds of sheer terror. Or something.

Surprise-O-PhobiaLittle Caesars
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Action Jackson... dedicated to the memory of Jackson Beck (1912-2002). He was a living voiceover legend, we put him through hell, and he never even got a discount on his pizza.

Action JacksonLittle Caesars
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